Private Cloud - What are the main benefits ?

Can someone describe the main benefits of deploying a private cloud computing environment within a mid-size to enterprise size organization? Is such a deployment really more secure than public clouds? Do we need additional technical skills ? What are the other potential benefits of such a infrastructure ?
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I found this infographic on the Blog that offers good hints to help you analysing what is best a Private Cloud or a Public Cloud .


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Private clouds help companies get thebenefits of the more elastic and flexible cloud computing model while reducing sometypical CIO concerns about the cloud, such as lack of control over data,security concerns, and adherence to regulatory and compliance needs. Since theprivate cloud is within the company firewall, internal IT owns and controls it.

Because internal IT still owns andcontrols a private cloud, the company still needs to invest in both theinfrastructure and expert resources to deploy and manage the private cloud(unlike a public cloud, where a third party takes care of this). So privateclouds may not be able to provide the same economies of scale that a public cloudcan provide.

( Some private cloud solutions offerthe flexibility for to “cloud burst” into a public cloud to handle spikes andpeaks when added resources are required. have the capability to"cloud-burst" into a public cloud at peak times when additionalresources are needed)

Since virtualization (which enables many physical servers to be pooledinto a large computing resource that can be used to run many virtual machineson different sizes to meet different needs at different time) is a key technology enabler for cloudcomputing, the company needs personnel that are expert virtualization. Because internal IT is in the role of service provider to internal groups/divisions, IT must also have expertise in creating and managing SLAs.

Below is a link for Virtualization Journal, a good source for more info on this topic.


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laurie mccabe

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Laurie makes some excellent points in her answer to you. The thing to keep in mind is that Private Clouds by their very nature implies "you carry all of the risk and cost". Private Clouds claim to offer the benefits of "control", which is true, but with that comes all of the cost and risk.

There is an argument that Private Clouds are temporary - that these investments will eventually be discarded in favour of Public Cloud services. I suspect that will occur as IT maturity with cloud services evolves. Unless you are a very large enterprise organisation, I doubt that the value of Private Clouds stacks up when compared with public cloud services. Let's not confuse the notion of virtualisation with private clouds either. Virtualisation has its place.

Cloud computing is an entirely new proposition and requires entirely different tools, skills and processes.

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There are no real benefits to private cloud.

Private cloud is a concept created by Oracle, IBM etc. to rope you into investing based on FUD (Fear, uncertainty, doubt).

If you have to buy, maintain or look after a server, it's not in the cloud.

By choosing Private Cloud, you lose much of the advantages of elasticity in computing power, storage space etc. You also repeat a similar lock-in relationship that most next-gen public cloud services avoid.

In all honesty, private cloud only makes sense if you're are completely shackled by legacy software and can't get away from a longstanding relationship with your IT vendors / analysts.

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Simply put a private cloud enables you to deliver your in house solutions rapidly to users through a browser interface. Simple and cost effective.

A good example is pogoplug allowing even a home user to in mins get the benefits. Plug it into your home router go to a web page and register it and your done. Now you have USB ports on it - plug a USB hard drive or stick in and you can through a web browser login or through Pogoplugs PC or mobile apps see the files on the USB device from anywhere in the world. so from an iphone you can see your files on your USB hard drive plugged inat home without putting it on a pc !

More at the link attached on private cloud benefits.


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I think one of the benefits of a private cloud is the possibility to manage your operational systems in a safe way, it also permits you to use cloudbased sap upgrade programes.

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